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Bob & Tom

A Pencil-Thin Week | B&T This Week

Pat Godwin comes in ready for his pencil-thin mustache. He shaves and dyes it, and you get to watch (lucky). Tim Cavanagh zooms in with Tim Cavanagh’s Cavalcade of Celebrity Birthdays. Josh shares his top five favorite scary movies. OJ Simpson weighs in on Jeffrey Toobin.More

Punkin’ Head by Heywood Banks

Deep in the dark hills of the midwest sits a tower owned by a sinister lab worker performing pumpkin head-ectomies. Watch Punkin’ Head by Heywood Banks.More

Tom Irons His Jeans? And Where?

Just when you think things can’t get weirder in the Griswold household, we learn Tom does his ironing outside. His son Willie can barely contain himself when he finds out about the cut-off socks, too.More

Fake News McGee

Chick fools Willie with some fake news about the Olympics. Josh calls out a common tactic used by bullies. Joey Chestnut sent us a funny press release.More

The Pumpkin Juggler | B&T This Week

Willie G got drug tested in high school by his father Tom. Duke Tumatoe and the Power Trio join us for a few songs. Pat Godwin shares a variation of his song Pumpkin Spice. Tom admits to ironing jeans… In his driveway. Pat and the Steven Singer Singers share a tune about Josh Arnold and…More

Willie’s Drug Test | B&T Tonight

We have Duke Tumatoe & The Power Trio out on the porch today as our house band. We open the show with Willie running late and learn that Tom drug tested him his senior year. Duke Tumatoe and the Power Trio hit us with two great songs today, You’re Absolutely Perfect and we close the…More

I-95 Rock News

Atlas push to ‘slow the testing down’ tracks with dramatic decline in one key state

Shortly after joining the White House as President Donald Trump’s pandemic adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas launched a quiet effort that seemed counterintuitive to some of his colleagues — encouraging officials to limit Covid-19 testing mainly to people experiencing symptoms. Atlas, a neuroradiologist, not an infectious disease expert, strongly supported a decision in August to revise federal guidelines to…More

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