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Bob & Tom

Pat VanGodwin | B&T Tonight

We open the show minus Willie and Pat Godwin today. Pat is having issues with his hearing and a wonderful fan-made a Van Gogh meme with Pat. Tom LOVES IT. Then onto news with Kristi that a drone was caught delivering drugs into a prison. Tom has his own ideas on how to get contraband…More

Chick & Josh Were Hilarious Jerks On Halloween

Halloween has been canceled in LA. Chick confesses to some Halloween night craziness. Josh then has a confession of his own about the time he was being a big jerk as well. Luckily both fall under the statute of limitations.More

I-95 Rock News

Joe Biden entered fall campaign with $466 million in the bank

Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign and aligned Democratic Party committees entered September and the fall sprint to Election Day with $466 million in cash reserves — giving the former vice president a significant financial advantage over President Donald Trump. Team Biden’s cash position, released by his campaign Sunday night, puts the Democratic nominee and his party…More

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