Watch Anthony Bourdain teach Anderson Cooper how to make ‘Sunday Gravy’

This Thanksgiving, Anderson Cooper remembered his late friend Anthony Bourdain by revisiting a cooking lesson in which the world-renowned chef taught him how to make a New Jersey classic: “Sunday Gravy.”

Bourdain joined Cooper in his Manhattan kitchen, joking about it being full of great equipment but little to no food.

“I can honestly say,” acknowledged Cooper, “the stove has never been used.”

Bourdain then walked Cooper through the history and details of Sunday Gravy, in which cheap cuts of meat are slowly simmered in tomato sauce, resulting in a rich meat dish with a condiment for pasta. Bourdain described the process as a “nod to the old ways of Naples and Sicily.”

Anderson used the re-airing of the cooking lesson on Thanksgiving to reflect on the joy of family and friends, and remember his longtime friendship with Bourdain.

“I was proud to call Anthony Bourdain a friend,” said Cooper, speaking on his digital show, “Anderson Cooper Full Circle.” “Some of my favorite memories of him … was being with him in the kitchen from time to time. He’d return from his travels, tell me about his adventures … and he would sort of try to teach me how to cook.”

“He is so, so missed,” said Cooper of Bourdain, who died in 2018.